our future

where we are going

D-CLEAR.COM has a goal of bringing the technology of the future to today. We have partnered with the best 

in class blockchain developers to create a platform that will allow for D-CLEAR.COM to solve some of today's greatest communications and security issues.

Our plan is simple, to make a platform that changes the way everyone communicates by enhancing the 

latest communications technologies with AI and Blockchain by way of our custom built API's, creating synergy between the technologies and allowing them to work in tandem.

D-CLEAR.COM has been working on this concept for the past 2 years and has consulted with some of the top innovators in the industry to gain insight and build our strategy.

We have begun our journey by strategically partnering with companies that allows D-CLEAR.COM to offer the the most innovative technologies in communications to our clients.


what Solves


Automated fraudulent calls.


Identity fraud in communications.


The storing of personal data by Big Telecom and Tech for profit or fraud.


Unauthorized eavesdropping on calls.


Unsecured transmission of information. (ie: Digital Identity, Corporate Information, Financial Information, Personal Information, Health Information, Documents, Images, Videos, Schedules, etc)


The lack of secured communications between corporations, organizations and governments with their clients, their citizens and the masses.